Why Parents Choose Schools That Use School Management Software?

Children and parents prefer to select schools that are technologically advanced for quality education. Here is why parents choose schools that use school management software.

As technology advances, complex processes become simpler and take lesser time. Whenever there is a newer automobile model in the market, people would prefer to buy that instead of the older version. It is because you know that the newer version will have more facilities that will save our time and efforts along with getting your work done faster than before.

So, it is a no-brainer why parents would prefer a school that offers more facilities and better education quality and accessibility to their students as compared to schools that work traditionally.

School management software is also a tool that simplifies education and all its related processes. It allows all the stakeholders of the educational institution a hassle-free experience for faster and more productive school operations.

Schools and educational institutions know how they can provide better facilities at lower expenses and so many popular schools have already incorporated robust school management software to simplify their school operations and attract modern, tech-savvy parents.

In this blog, we will discuss why parents are more inclined to choose schools that use school ERP software.

It Allows Hassle-Free Online Admission

In this day and age, where everybody has a tight schedule, not many people can wait in a long queue to fill up an admission form and submit all the documents required for student admission.

Moreover, these documents often need to be in physical form which means that the parents would first have to get a photocopy and then get in line to submit it to the school administration. And when the admission is confirmed, the parents have to go back to collect the documents.

All of this process takes up a lot of the parents’ time along with the administration’s. With school management software, this process reduces to a simple fill-up and upload of admission forms and other documents.

It allows parents to fill up the school admission form online and submit the required documents by uploading them to the software. The administrator will then be able to access these documents and inform the parents on whether their child has been accepted or rejected.

Parents do not have to stand in long lines, neither do they have to get a physical photocopy of the documents to submit at the school. They can simply upload a digital copy of the documents to submit them to the school.

Faster Communication Between School And Parents

A constant flow of communication between the school and parents is very important to ensure the overall growth of a child. Schools that have not incorporated school management software would occasionally have to organize parent-teacher meetings to update parents on their child’s progress.

While it is good to give student’s overall updates at the end of each term, parents should also know about the small achievements of their child to know where his/her interest lies. And oftentimes, the teacher or school fails to convey the smaller (or even bigger extracurricular) achievements of students that parents need to know.

With school management software, teacher or school administrator can send event reminders and notifications to the parents to update them on their child’s progress in all aspects.

This will allow parents to understand where their child is more inclined and accordingly they can support him/her to achieve their career goals in that direction.

Apart from all of this, the school can also send fee reminders to the parents so that they can pay the fees on time thus avoiding the late fee.

Online Fee Payment With Gateway Integration

Similar to admission, schools also have longer queues when it comes to fee payment, especially on the last day. With the fee management feature of school management software, schools can send fee reminders to the parents.

With a payment gateway integrated with the school ERP software, parents can easily pay the school fee online without going to the school or waiting in a long line. It is safe, secure, and incredibly fast to process the fee payment online with a secure payment gateway.

Flexibility In Learning For Students

With the current situation, more parents are in favor of their child getting his/her education online without having to go to school daily. It not only increases their safety but also allows them to learn more flexibly at their time.

School management software offers features for students like smart classes and video tutorials to help students attend online classes from their homes. Video tutorial delivers pre-recorded sessions for students who may have missed the class or simply want to go through the concept again to understand it better.

With these features, students will never miss a class again and learn concepts comfortably, on their time.

Moreover, it also allows teachers to take online exams that students can give from their desktop or their parent’s mobile application.

GPS integration for student safety

Any school’s first priority is to ensure their student’s safety, especially while traveling to and from school. Parents usually send their children to school via a bus or a school van. And throughout the day, their safety is in the hands of the vehicle driver.

The smart GPS integration in school management software allows parents to track their children’s bus to and from the school. They can see the allotted route of the bus and see whether the bus follows it or not. They can also see if the bus is stuck somewhere and go to the point to pick up their child if they want.

This ensures student’s safety from the time they are picked up from their homes till they return there.


With the advancing world, people are getting busier with their work and spending time with their families. And they would welcome new and innovative tools like the school management software that does not only saves their time but also increases their child’s safety and gives them the facility to workout from the safety and comfort of their homes.

School ERP software is an affordable and cost-effective option to tackle your daily school operations and make them more efficient and productive. You can try a free demo of the software without any payment and later if it suits your needs, you can subscribe for a monthly or a yearly license to make your school digitally smarter.

Do you believe that edtech like school management software is a necessity for every school? Comment your thoughts in the section below and check out our other blogs to dig deeper into the subject.



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