Why Parents Choose Schools That Use School Management Software?

It Allows Hassle-Free Online Admission

In this day and age, where everybody has a tight schedule, not many people can wait in a long queue to fill up an admission form and submit all the documents required for student admission.

Faster Communication Between School And Parents

Online Fee Payment With Gateway Integration

Similar to admission, schools also have longer queues when it comes to fee payment, especially on the last day. With the fee management feature of school management software, schools can send fee reminders to the parents.

Flexibility In Learning For Students

With the current situation, more parents are in favor of their child getting his/her education online without having to go to school daily. It not only increases their safety but also allows them to learn more flexibly at their time.

GPS integration for student safety

Any school’s first priority is to ensure their student’s safety, especially while traveling to and from school. Parents usually send their children to school via a bus or a school van. And throughout the day, their safety is in the hands of the vehicle driver.


With the advancing world, people are getting busier with their work and spending time with their families. And they would welcome new and innovative tools like the school management software that does not only saves their time but also increases their child’s safety and gives them the facility to workout from the safety and comfort of their homes.



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Sweedu ERP School Management Software

Sweedu ERP School Management Software

Sweedu is a School ERP Software that helps educational institutes manage their daily activities for both academic and non-academic staff.